Create streaming design

Create streaming design

Motion on a still illustration

Add movement to your illustrations to make your work more attractive.

Use your model art

Your model art can be used!

Recommended for nice model art.

No commercial and revision fees

Price list

○Streaming Screen Design /$175

-Starting Screen
-Ending Screen

68$ discount if you do not create the background

○Stinger Transition /$120

○Add motion to your illustration /$53

Add motion to the illustration.
We also do editing to add it to the video and background.

○illustration/temporarily unavailable

○Others /Negotiable
social media header, logo, name images, etc…

This does not apply to discounts


Those who have not yet streamed

13$ discount

Less than 60 days remaining until anniversary

20$ discount

Eligible Anniversaries

Debut anniversary every 6 months
Anniversary for every 5,000 registered users



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